Monday, June 9, 2008

Rules, Schmules...

Breaking my own, self-imposed, rule to only have one quilt going at a time, I started this one. My DH gave me this kit for Christmas after I saw it in the Jan/Feb 2007 issue of Quiltmania. I loved it! This picture does not do the turquoise/brown contrast justice. The one in the magazine is even more engaging.

I am almost done with the quilt top. I must have mis-cut the dark brown because I was short 4 of the side rectangles. Rats! I ended up ordering more fabric directly from Japan, with the help of a dear friend. I am anxiously awating the delivery of this cloth. Then I will complete the top.

The quilting is a simple nested curve design that I will try to do on my own. I am still happily working on the Star Quilt-A-Long. I am unhappy with my selection of blues for my color scheme so... I must go shopping!!

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