Thursday, June 5, 2008

Nature, Trip and QAL

We found a robin's nest in our oak tree in the front yard. This rainy morning, it looked like the dad-robin was watching over the eggs while mom went out for food. I hope there are eggs - I don't want to get too close. You can just make out the yellow beak and part of the red breast. This nest is surprisingly close to the street and our neighbors drive way.

I am going to Houston next week on business. I will be staying in Katy with meetings in Brookshire. Does anyone know of quilt shops they can recommend I visit? I hope to have some free time in the evenings.

I am making progress on the Star QAL. Last night I finished two more stars. I am determined to use stash fabric! I have some scraps in strips that are too narrow for the recommended size squares. I was thinking that because many of the squares are then cut into triangles, if I am extra very careful, I might be able to use the strips and therefore my stash cloth. This might be a frustrating evening of do-overs but I will give it a try. Am having a lot of fun with this QAL

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