Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bandana Quilt

1. Bandanas shrink a lot.

2. Bandanas shrink differently in different directions.

Those are my two items of wisdom. If I do this type of quilt again, I will prewash the bandanas before I sew them together. I didn't do that this time because I was excited to see how it came together and couldn't wait for the wash. As you can see in the picture, the edges are not real even.
I have started quilting using a simple checkerboard style. I am starting from the middle and will work my way out. I am using dark purple thread. I looks nice so far.
For the binding, I bought solid purple bandanas that I will cut into strips and fashion into a binding. I did prewash them.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Time Flies

I have been busy with aprons, house guests, soccer games, little big girls, and some quilts. I went from a one-project-at-a-time-gal to multiple projects at a time. I am liking having something going on both floors of my house. I continue to hand piece the red stars I blogged about earlier. This is on the main floor where I can also be with my family. Down stairs in my sewing room, I have started to quilt the brown and teal I blogged about earlier with a simple fan pattern. Cloth management is going ok. Cat management is more challenging.

My colleague is expecting a little boy in December! She looks so cute but is likely getting to the uncomfortable stage. I decided to make a quilt for her 4 year old daughter whose favorite color is purple. I read about quick bandana quilts in a magazine and decided to try one. It was fun and easy! The back was also fun and I found some cute purples in my stash and went for it.

My husband's college friend was in town for an overnight visit. We had a great time and the girls really took to him. I think it was his beard and gentle nature. He had been on a 6 week trip and took some beautiful pictures. Here is one. I hope he doesn't mind. If he does I will remove it. I think it was taken in New Mexico.

Monday, September 1, 2008

New Kitty & Apron

On Friday 8-8-08 I went to the Denver Dumb Friends League to adopt a new kitty. I miss my cat Bruce so much and I miss the energy of a cat even more. I took my girls, my mom and my friend Kate. The girls were thrilled by all the kitties and doggies. The facility is really nice, clean and well staffed. They were having an adopt-a-thon weekend so there were lots of staff and volunteers, games for the girls, and lots of pets being interviewed. My DH later pointed out that Grayson was really Dick Grason, Bruce Wayne’s ward. My cat Bruce was originally called Batman at the foster family’s home where he was adopted. I renamed him Bruce, so Grayson is fitting in very well at our house. He is kind and gentle. He likes to eat and sleep. He purrs like a large motor. He's helping draw fan lines on a new top, ready to be quilted.

My sister asked me to make an apron for her friend's birthday. I was very flattered! I found some really cute Amy Butler fabric and a flirty pattern from the Great American Quilt Factory. It came together very easily. I used bias tape around the edges and even that was ok.