Monday, June 23, 2008

Blogging for prizes, robin update

I read about Canton Village Quilt Works giveaway on Polkadot Quilts. I would LOVE to win some longarm quilting so here's the link for others to follow.

I have been on vacation this past week. I got some quilitng done - mostly cutting out squares and rectangels for Amanda Jean's Quilt A Long. I started the background blocks too. My niece was fascinated by the cutting out process and helped me cut some squares. I think she liked the rotary cutter and cutting mat. I will post a picture of my progress soon.

As a follow up to the robin's nest post, we saw a cat in the tree and the robins were going nuts! We shooed the cat away but sadly the next morning we found a baby robin on the walk. It was alive but barely. I picked him up with paper towel and put him back in the nest. Some hours later, we found a dead baby robin in the grass under the nest and a live baby nearby. My DH looked on the internet to find what to do. We found a new home for the baby robin at Wild BIRD in SE Denver. It is a non-profit dedicated to rehabilitating abandoned and injured birds. The small private home was staffed mostly by volunteers. The chirping noise was nearly overwhelming. My little robin heard all the chirps and started in himself. He was hungry! The staff took him to an incubator and presumably gave him some lunch.

The next morning, we found a second baby robin on the side walk. I took her inside and put her in a shoebox on a bed of paper towels and a ziplock filled with warm/hot tap water. Soon she was chirping and asking for food. We made a second trip to Wild BIRD. I checked the next to make sure no more siblings were waiting. The adult robins were nowhere to be found.

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Jacquie said...

That is the greatest thing...who knew there was such a place to take baby birds. Looking forward to seeing your quilt-a-long blocks.