Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another Cute Apron

Blue & White Apron

I finished this apron for my friend Summer. She has an eclectic collection of blue and white dishes that would look great with this apron. I uploaded this picture with Photobucket so am experimenting with that. It uploads the picture really big and then I have to shrink it down. I'd like it to upload a thumbnail-size picture so will work on how to do that.

We had bitter cold here but today the sun is out and it feels good. I am making really good progress on handquilting. It is really nice to just sit with my husband, and frequently a cat, and quilt. I have a killer callous! I started a new quilt with a modified nine-patch design and Prairie Points. I am very excited about this 3D effect and texture to the quilt.

Friday, January 9, 2009

My Grandmother

At 100 years and 8 months, she passed away in her sleep. She taught me to sew, draw, be happy when camping in the rain. She and my Grandpa used to drink powdered milk (blek) and mix it in a purple container called The Purple Cow. We camped a lot in Michigan, New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. She was very creative and thrifty. I have a beautiful rug she made from scraps, a Dresden Plate pillow sham, and a pencil sketch of a pheasant. I have some gifts from her when I was little including a pink sewing basket that I still use to keep fasteners in. I have a stuffed cat from a calico type quilting fabric. I have a dried flower Christmas Tree that I hang on my front door at Christmas time (and others).

I went to her 100 year birthday party. It is a nice memory for me. My Grandma asked me several times if I had a house and what it was like. From her perspective having a house meant security. She would frequently say "that's good, dear." She liked soup, hot water, and especially ice cream.

I will tell my girls about their Great Grandmother and hope they have some of her creativity and purpose.