Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Star QAL

It’s done!!! Well, the top is anyway. I like how it came out and many thanks to Amanda Jean for the quilt along!! I am thinking of donating the top to an organization that helps wounded soldiers. If they can find a match, a longarm quilter will donate the quilting. I am donating the quilt top through Quilt of Valor. I hope they think it is good enough. I enjoyed making the top and found the pace of one star per week just about right for me. I was excited to get to Monday to find out what the next star would be but didn't feel behind.
I found 5.5 yards of cloth at the Thrift Store for a perfect backing – good quality, blue and white, star with another design, smallish print. Score!


Jacquie said...

julie, it's simply beautiful. love the dark setting blocks...really sets off the stars nicely. this will be loved by the soldier who receives it.

TLC said...

What a wonderful idea to donate it! I have wanted to make a quilt for Quilts of Valor or an organization like that but have not gotten to it. I need to make it a priority!

belinda said...

I really like the blue and white colors!
Thanks for stopping by my blog, somehow I just now discovered your comment. It is crazy those colorful crumbs!!!!

Alycia said...

Oh I think a soldier would be thrilled to have that quilt. Great job!