Thursday, May 22, 2008

My First Post

I have been reading quilting and crafting blogs for a few months. I wanted to be able to share my opinions and receive comments back from some of the really terrific quilters out there. I also like to read parenting blogs as I have 4 kids and need the diversity of opinions/experiences to help me balance my own feelings.

I have sewed most of my life and have recently stepped up the quilting. I hand quilted a quilt for my husband for our wedding. It took me 3 years. Since then I've used a combination of hand and machine quilting to accomplish my quilts.

This is mostly a test to see if I've sort of figured something out about this blog business.



Jacquie said...

Hey I found you! Glad you started this blog. I'll be back and I'm sure you'll have more visitors soon.

amandajean said...